A walking programme designed to improve fitness

The duration of commitment is 12 weeks and a minimum of 6 weeks. Free medical evaluation by qualified personnel.

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how our programme works

two sessions per week

Attend at least one session per week with the group and do one mid-week on your own.


All groups walk along pre-defined routes, under the supervision of group leaders.

group coaching

We will assist you in achieving the minimum amount of fitness to breeze through your hajj journey.

medical proffessionals on-duty

We have doctors, nurses on duty who observes hajjis as they walk, constantly looking out for their well-being.


The programme results are well documented and proven. With dedication from the hajjis, all will be fine.

ramadaan maintenance plan

As Ramadaan follows the programme, we have a maintenance plan that allows hajjis to maintain their fitness leading up to hajj.

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Dr Nasir Jaffer, a sports physician, formulated the argument that by improving the physical health of hujaaj by walking, it will vastly improve their ability to cope with the vigorous physical and psychological demands of the journey.

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