Take Note

Do's and Don'ts

Fit For Hajj Presentation

  • Ask that nobody carries water bottles or bags over their necks as it will make their load heavier. This will only occur later in their training
  • Keep the walkers together (that is, don’t have splinter groups)
  • When they become use to the pace, increase slightly
  • If at any point anyone has a complaint (serious one), stop and see to the hajji and make a judgement call if it is serious

What you should NOT do

  • Do not attempt to treat hajjis yourselves (those with High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes etc.
  • There is a reason we have medical backup
  • Do not allow hajjis to wander off on their own as you could be inviting disaster
  • Even though all the hajjis are adults, when attempting any road crossings, you need to make sure they adhere to your instructions at all times
  • Unfortunately, you cannot allow hajjis to carry food with them (this is not a picnic)
  • Most of all do not be a drill sergeant
  • Remember these are the guests of Allah