Take Note

Do's and Don'ts

Fit For Hajj Presentation

What you should do

  • Introduce yourself and before you start walking, check if anyone has any ailments other than what was stated on the form they completed
  • If they have any, politely ask them to please proceed home and return 1 week after completing their meds course.
  • They won’t be missing out.
  • Engage them constantly with small talk to distract them
    • Most of them have not walked more than two kilometres in a while
    • The distance covered will be 5km, so don’t mention the distance to them
  • Monitor them constantly by moving back and forth in the group, and place your faster walkers in the back of your group in the second half of your walk.
  • As said above, monitor them constantly and check in on them to see if they are ok.
    • You have to check in on them yourself, some hajjis are shy and won’t speak up