A walking programme designed to improve fitness

The duration of commitment is 12 weeks and a minimum of 6 weeks. Free medical evaluation by qualified personnel.

01. Aims and Objectives

  • The organisation’s main objectives are to provide accredited Hajj pilgrims with a structured and supervised fitness-training programme in preparation for the physical rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to provide training and information to medical professionals, fitness coaches and other interested parties.
  • To assist with the activation of the Fit for Hajj programme in areas to reach as many pilgrims as possible locally, nationally and internationally.

02. Members

  • All new membership applications must be submitted in writing and seconded by an existing member to the Executive. They will be admitted as members in terms of the Constitution, at the discretion of the Executive.
  • Members are not personally liable for any loss suffered by any person as a result of an act or omission which occurs in good faith, and after having been exercised with due care while the member is performing functions for or on behalf of the organisation.
  • All members are eligible to serve on any of the committees or sub-committees of the organisation’s Executive, subject to the terms of reference of the relevant committee.

03. Leadership

  • The Executive Committee of the organisation may comprise of the following portfolios:
    • Chairperson
    • Vice Chairperson
    • Secretary
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Assistant Treasurer
    • 6 General Executive members

Team Structure

In addition to the executive above  FFH also consists of four teams who both oversee and handle the operational tasks. 





Hajj Nazeem Kasu
A Life Changing Experience

Hajji Nazeem Kasu joined our program in 2019, however our medical team detected that he had a heart condition that he was unaware of. He sought help from his GP and found out he needed to undergo a procedure immediately to fix the issue. Watch the video to hear his story...

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Dr Nasir Jaffer, a sports physician, formulated the argument that by improving the physical health of hujaaj by walking, it will vastly improve their ability to cope with the vigorous physical and psychological demands of the journey.

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