A walking programme designed to improve fitness

The duration of commitment is 12 weeks and a minimum of 6 weeks. Free medical evaluation by qualified personnel.

Dying at home, away from home

‘‘You are killing yourself, this habit of yours is going to lead to your death!’ I exclaimed as sternly as I could. I was walking down the busy road when I spotted him leaning against the front door of the building he was residing in. It was hot. Of course it was hot as we were in Makkah in the heart of summer.

Even though it was after Maghrib already, the crowds on the pavements, the humidity, the traffic jams and the hot exhaust fumes emitted by the virtually stationary vehicles all contributed to a barely tolerable climate out on the streets. I was sweating profusely after walking less than two hundred meters down the road. Before he became aware of my presence, he seemed to be nonchalantly observing those around him. He immediately tucked his hand behind his back when he saw me and smiled rather guiltily, knowing that I would comment on his smoking addiction.

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Dr Nasir Jaffer, a sports physician, formulated the argument that by improving the physical health of hujaaj by walking, it will vastly improve their ability to cope with the vigorous physical and psychological demands of the journey.

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